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The EQuiP family shares in the mourning for Prof Dr Janko Kersnik

Janko Kersnik

Prof Janko Kersnik has been a highly esteemed member of EQuiP and participated in the EQuiP executive board for many years. He contributed with his wisdom and kindness, to what EQUIP is today. 

He has stimulated and inspired many of us during personal interactions and official meetings. Since he became the President of EURACT he kept in touch and continued to be very interested in what was happening in EQuiP. 

Many of us have lost a role model, a dear colleague, a personal friend. He himself was a true GP leader, setting up and organizing primary care in his own practice and his own country. He was engaged in multiple roles, teaching at the university, an active supporter and ex-member of EQuiP, president of EURACT and honorary secretary of Wonca Europe, to name a few. 

The legacy that he left behind cannot be described in words. We know that his unfinished plans remain for us to carry on.

We want to honour his memory by continuing the many initiatives he started.  

Our thoughts go to his family, his colleagues and the GP community in Slovenia.  
We wish them strength in these difficult days.

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European Society for Quality and Safety in Family Practice - EQuiP - is one of WONCA Europe's network organisations.

The aim of EQuiP is to contribute to the achievement of high levels of quality and safety of care for patients in general practice in all European countries.

Quality and safety in general practice is a continuous process of planned activities based on performance review and setting of explicit targets for good clinical practice with the aim of improving the actual quality and safety of patient care.

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