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Patient Empowerment in Chronic Conditions - WONCA Europe


European Society for Quality and Safety in Family Practice - EQuiP - is one of WONCA Europe's network organisations.

The aim of EQuiP is to contribute to the achievement of high levels of quality and safety of care for patients in general practice in all European countries.

Quality and safety in general practice is a continuous process of planned activities based on performance review and setting of explicit targets for good clinical practice with the aim of improving the actual quality and safety of patient care.

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At the WONCA board meeting the result of the elections for a new EQuiP president were made public...

...Piet Vanden Bussche (the Belgium EQuiP delegate) has been chosen as the new EQuiP president. He will take up his function at the next EQuiP meeting in Switzerland in April 2015. He will be the fifth president of EQuiP.

Piet Vanden Bussche - 14,6 KB

Born in 1961 as the first son of a quality controlling engeneer.


General Practitioner since 1985, working in a multidisciplinary group practice in Lichtervelde (semi-urban village in the western of Flanders).


In 1997 participant at the Equip Summer School Maastricht.
1999-2006: President of Flemish Parliament of General Practicioners.

2006-2008: President of the College of Flemish General Practitioners (Domus Medica).


Member of the Council on Quality Promotion of the Belgium National Institute for Health and Disability insurance (NIHDI). Since 2008 part-time lecturer on quality of care and chronic care in the Department of Family Medicine and Primary Care at Ghent University (Belgium).


Since 2008 EQuiP member, as Belgian representative and coordinator of the Equip Teaching Quality Project. Special interest in translating quality into day to day practice management, seamless care, teaching quality and equitable care


Co-author of the book “Dokteren met kwaliteit” (Quality in medicine)

Tina Eriksson - 114 KB


Presidents of EQuiP

  • 1990-2002: Prof. Richard Grol, Professor of Quality Assurance at Nijmegen University (Netherlands)
  • 2002-2005: Prof. Joachim Szecsenyi, Professor of Quality Assurance at Heidelberg (Germany)
  • 2005-2006: Prof. Martin Marshall, UK. However, six months after taking up his presidency he resigned as he accepted a post as Deputy Chief Medical Officer of the NHS
  • 2006-2007: Prof. Joachim Szecsenyi, Heidleberg, Germany, agreed to be reinstated as President
  • 2007-2014: Prof. Tina Eriksson Danish College of General Practice, Copenhagen

Tina Erikson has been president of EQuiP for the last six years and could not stand for another period. Read a short history of EQuiP here.


Next Meeting: 47th EQuiP Meeting in Fischingen (Switzerland) 23-25 April 2015

The emphasis is on Quality Circles (QCs), small groups of 6 to 12 professionals from the same background who meet at regular intervals to consider their standard practice. Sounds interesting? Join the conference. 

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Organisational members 2014

The Finnish Medical Society Duodecim

The Coordination of Croatian Family Medicine: KoHOM

General Practice in Belgium: 
Domus Medica

General Practice in Norway:
Norsk Forening For Allmennmedisin
General Practice in Slovenia:
Zdravsteni Dom Ljubljana

Download and use the interactive PDF about EQuiP here.

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